Complete data protection

Avoid accidental data loss, malicious deletion and ransomware attacks. Our backup solution provides complete protection for all your Office 365 data.

Extended retention

We offer a customized retention policy extension, beyond Microsoft's standard 90 days. Our solution adapts to your needs and, if required, allows unlimited retention, ensuring you comply with your professional and regulatory data preservation obligations.

Reactive implementation

Our backup service is easy to set up. Just contact us and we'll start backing up your data immediately.

Flexible restoration

When needed, we quickly restore specific data or entire data sets.
You have total control over what you recover, and when.

Enhanced security

Your data is stored in secure data centers that comply with the most stringent security standards. They are encrypted, guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of your information.

Competitive cost from 69€/to/month

Protecting your data is crucial, and we offer you an uncompromising solution at an affordable price. Our prices are transparent, with no surprises, and we work with you to meet your backup needs.